Mr. and Mrs. Stone, residents of Worthing make contact as soon as 1995, with their friend Roger Poisson, retired teacher at the Chateau d'Olonne to create a twinning between their city and the city of Sables d'Olonne.
Worthing is a seaside town 100 000 inhabitants seeking a partner of comparable size, which leads to a Twinning includes the three cities Olonnes. Two years of contacts and exchanges, displacement of several delegations will be required to implement this match.
In early 2007, each municipality during his City Council adopts the principle of intercommunal Twinning between on the one hand, the common Sables d'Olonne, Olonne sur Mer  Château d'Olonne and the city of Worthing . An association of twinning is created, and statutes are deposited to the Sub-prefecture on February 10th 1997.
In October 1998, the Twinning Charter was signed at the Hotel de Ville in Worthing in the presence of the following :

  • Mr David Chapman, Mayor of Worthing,

  • Mr Louis Guédon, Deputy Mayor of Sables d'Olonne,

  • Mr Jean-Yves Grelaud, Mayor d'Olonne on Wednesday,

  • Mr Joë fesseau, Deputy Mayor of Château d'Olonne,

  • Mr Herbie Golds, President of the WTA: Worthing Twinning Association,Mr Roger Poisson, President of SOC: Association Twinning Pays des Olonnes-Worthing.

The objectives of the Charter are : "Creating links and exchanges in the fields lasting, cultural, sports, educational and economic with the common desire to promote peace, understanding, harmony and goodwill between peoples"
Immediately after the signing of the Charter, many school exchanges, cultural and sports are organized at the initiative of Mr.Poisson, a particularly dynamic President.
Several Schools of Pays des Olonnes then organize exchanges with those of Worthing: The Lycée Savary de Mauléon, Notre Dame-du-Bon-Port and the Bourgenay College. In addition, many youth from les Olonnes conduct professional training courses in restaurants from Worthing. The Twinning takes many contacts associations.
On October 4th of 1999, is held at the Chateau d'Olonne, the visit of reciprocity in the presence of the following :

  • Mr Brian Mc Luskie, new mayor of Worthin,

  • Mr Jean-Yves Burnaud, mayor of Château d'Olonne,

  • Mr Louis Guédon, Deputy Mayor of Sables d'Olonne,

  • Mr Herbie Golds, President of the WTA: Twinning Committee Worthing,

  • Mr Pierre Mauclair, new President of SOC: Twinning Association Pays des Olonnes-Worthing.

When the General Assembly takes place, in November 1998, Mr Pierre Mauclair who represents the city of Sables becomes President, Mr Poisson is then appointed Honorary President.
Starting from 2000 the twinning is in an active phase: Exchanges Association and the intensified search all persons interested in contacts across the Channel. Cultural exchanges and sports are organized (Theatre with the play Abigail's Party proposed by the Sixth Form College in Worthing to 400 students des Olonnes). The Boundstone College will visit the 3 towns in 2002.
During the sinking of the Erika, our friends at Worthing affected by the tragedy of the oil spill and its consequences on our environment, organize a fundraiser and submit to ADEV (Association of Defence of the Environment in Vendée) a cheque for 10 500 francs (then). On this occasion, they offer the three municipalities the new flag of the city of Worthing.
On  November 21st 2000, President François Cariou becomes in turn.
At the 4th edition of the Vendee Globe, the SOC makes a heartfelt tribute to Ellen MacArthur, Mike Golding and Josh Hall for their achievement. They sign the guest book of the Twinning
Other charitable actions will emerge in 2002 with the race by Denis Brice, marathoner, who realizes the tremendous feat of rallying the Land of Olonnes- Worthing in fact, 382 kms in 2 days and 6h30 this for the benefit of research against Cystic Fibrosis : "Offrir mon souffle à ceux qui n’en ont pas " !
On 21 March 2003, an official ceremony brings together Mr Eric Mardell, Mayor of Worthing and a delegation from the WTA and Le Souvenir Français (Veterans of les Olonnes, Door-flags) for a moving ceremony to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers of the Commonwealth who died in “ champ d’honneur” on the territory of Olonnes. A commemorative plaque was affixed to each of cemeteries, d'Olonne,le Château d’Olonne and les Sables d'Olonne.

In November 2003, Catherine Gayda becomes President of the twinning. The school exchanges are increasing from the maternelles to high schools. The Twinning participates in Comenius Project established by the Primary School Paul Emile Pajot at La Chaume on three years. This project brings together a school in three countries: England, with Worthing, with Schwabach Germany and Greece with Ptolemaida. The school involved in Worthing is the Lyndhurst First School. A musical workshop takes place between Bourgenay College and the College of Durrington materialized by a meeting in Worthing.
Numerous cultural events are organized (Projecting a slide show at the Auditorium; Exhibition "Our Friends d'Outre-Manche" in the Hall of the Municipality of Sables ; Exhibition Olonnes embroiderers at the Town Hall of Worthing.
Following the "Worthing Tea" are offered to members English conversation (Beginners and confirmed) to meet the linguistic needs.
In April 2006, The SOC organizes a british week that involve an English delegation, English people living in Vendee, schools, businesses and many associations. Exhibits photos are available, shows are available to all. A formidable time for exchanges and projects !

pict0The Twinning gets a new logo at the end of a contest to Professional Lycees from les  Olonnes. This operation carried out in partnership with the Centre Leclerc, allows the winner to be offered a week's discovery of Worthing for two people. Carl Martineau is unanimity in the jury.
A motto now accompanies this logo : "Tendre aujourd’hui la main est une passerelle pour demain ! ". This lovely sentence is written by a friend of the SOC : Mr Jack Travadel.

In April 2007, the SOC offers a journey of discovery of Worthing and its environs. We are welcomed and accompanied by our friends of the WTA after a visit to the magnificent Museum of Worthing and Mr Tom Wye, Mayor of Worthing welcomes us with friendship. 2008 is the year of celebration of 10 years of twinning. Earlier this year, two exhibitions are proposed for inhabitants of Olonnes ( "Les Sables d'Olonne-Worthing, yesterday and today", "Le Château d'Olonne-Worthing… developments, similarities, differences").   In February 2008, the city of Worthing is in the centre of the Passage Fair trade held at Sables d'Olonne. Our friends from the WTA in the person of Roger Aspinwall provide documentation from the Tourist Office of Worthing. Beginning July, visit of the Boundstone Community College, which offer musical high level in The 3 municipalities. A group meeting at college Bourgenay peers with whom they communicated via the Internet during the school year. This should continue this year. The SOC is preparing ceremonies to mark the celebration of 10 years of friendship and knowledge of our friends from Outre-Manche.




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