The Worthing - Pays des Olonnes Twinning is the successful result of a long wait, through which we have wanted to assert our friendship with the English people.

This twinning is a bit unusual : it is not the link between two towns, which is the case for example of the Schwabach – Les Sables D’Olonne Twinning, but it is the Twinning of one town, Worthing, with the Communauté de Communes des Olonnes, comprising three towns : Le Château d’Olonne, Olonne sur Mer and Les Sables d’Olonne.

We made our relationship official on 17th October 1998, by signing the Twinning Charter in Worthing.

The identity helping our relationship comes from the fact that Worthing and our communauté de communes are seashore towns. Worthing is a Sussex seaside resort, in England, a privileged area where the mild climate allows it to be named as the English Riviera. The town, of real importance with its 100 000 inhabitants, has managed to keep  the whole charm of British towns and in spite of the World War II bombings, it has managed to maintain its historical and architectural heritage. Busy, lively, working, very well frequented by tourists, Worthing offers a heartwarming appeal to the Pays des Olonnes inhabitants, which makes it even more attractive. The matter is that, ten miles from Worthing stands Arundel Castle, a property belonging to the Dukes of Norfolk and a witness to the Earls of Arundel’s long-standing history.

You have understood, the mystery is still waiting to be cleared up : are there any links, and if so which links, between the proud Arundel Castle, a magnificent mediaeval fortress, and the humble Arundel Tower, heightened in the XIXth century by the Lighthouses and Beacons, in the heart of La Chaume Castle, the main defence of Les Sables d’Olonne harbour ? One point is for certain : in the XIIth century, we were under the Plantagenets’ authority, more particularly the one of Richard the Lionheart, in whose armies a member of the Arundel family was serving. Those willing to find out are eagerly awaited …

Louis Guédon

Les Sables d’Olonne MP and Mayor - Chairman of The CCO.



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