IMG_6348-2Many exchanges were set up during these 13 years: School links, cultural and sport exchanges and even if "le chemin est long du projet à la chose" according to the famous word of Molière, our projects are beginning to take shape in conducting a real hyphen between our two countries. I want to thank deeply those who have worked very hard to give life to our twinning and have also given help for "bouncing". I also want to say how great my happiness is to maintain this friendship surrounded by a teamspirit.

I express the wish that the dynamism of our twinning goes on and  hope this helping hand will be as symbolic as the logo created by the young Carl Martineau, a symbol of progress and humanity.

Catherine Gayda

Chairwoman ot the SOC, Twinning Pays des Olonnes - Worthing



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Nos réunions de conversation ont lieu cette année le vendredi à 17H30

dans notre salle à Olonnespace 2.

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